Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Retouch.

I know when I first saw an image in a magazine of a car or product, I simple thought, "Oh, nice picture." I also know that when you make something LOOK easy, to a client they think the same. Until I REALLY understood what went into creating a masterpiece or a portfolio piece. It requires a sophisticated attention to detail, the eye of a hawk and the skills that (I know now) can only be acquired over time. When you see a guy like this or like this, you know it takes years and years of the acquisition of that knowledge. You have to know though, within a shadow of a doubt and believe that you too can acquire such knowledge over time. I was terribly frustrated with myself and skills 4 years ago, and now I still know that I know nothing. It is a growth like success, its a process of knowledge that can't be forced, just nurtured and massaged into place. You have to start somewhere and where you'll end up is completely up to you. It takes time. However as you see yourself grow and get better at your craft, there is NOTHING more gratifying. I'm going to check out a location in Santa Barbara to shoot a 2009 Toyota Landcruiser next week. I can't wait.

This is the image that my camera captured.

This is 3 hours of digital retouching and post-production.

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  1. Some great improvements, for sure. Overall, though, it feels a bit like a "bad" HDR. I think it's the halos on the trees. I'd consider scaling it back a tad - while you'll give up some of the drama, it will return the focus of the image to the car, rather than having the user wonder how it was processed.