Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Interview with a Photographer.

Hey! What's up, holy moly. I was interviewed recently by and Artist website called Jitzul.com. The girl that interviewed me was Alicia, she extremely well spoken and definitely asked all the right questions I thought. Actually I thought I talked a little too much but hey I'm a quarter Italian what can I say. Apparently she found us on photographers.com where for the most part we're always on the first page. Its a bit of a long interview about 30 minutes, so just work away and let it play in the background if your going to listen.

Yesterday I was chatting up my uncle, William F. Duffy. He's a world renowned sculptor in his class and he's carved everything from bronze, granite to white Italian marble. His works can be found literally from here to China. I've been to his studio in Baltimore, Maryland and he's just an incredible inspiration to me. I'm really stoked he called me yesterday to talk about art, politics and a possible new client for me largeart.com. They're located in LA and need their large statues archived so hopefully we'll be able to hook them up.

Also if you have the time have a look at this guy for Automotive Photography, yes his name is Michael Moore. Not the one you're thinking of though. We're photographing a sweet Volkswagon R32 this weekend, will post!

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