Monday, October 4, 2010

YLS & the Cowboys' Training Camp

Every year since I've lived in the Ventura County area the Dallas Cowboys have been coming over to Oxnard, CA for training. I often wondered why they'd come to an obscure little city such as the Nard, but come to find out its fun for the kids and its really decent for the local economy, naturally. This is the first year I went to the camp and was given VIP treatment because of our generous contribution for the United Way's - Young Leaders Society (YLS). With our contribution two inner city youngsters got a $250 scholarship each for school. On top of all that, a handful of young leaders are there like Timur Taluy (soon to be Harbor Commissioner) and also the locally infamous Pedro Chavez, both of who are on the board for YLS. I'm not a huge fan of popular sports teams too much, however I brought along another friend, Rick Solorio who's an avid fan. Good times, good times... for good causes. Find out more about how you can become involved with YLS and the United Way in our area. Your small contributions can make a big difference.

Pedro Chavez & Timur Taluy

Quarterback Tony Romo

Rick Solorio
Yours Truly

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