Friday, November 19, 2010


For those of you that know me, you know I've been a Licensed Mortician for about 11-12 years now. For those of you that don't, well, now you do. I remember directing funerals as a photographer in photojournalist school, thinking about the great shots that were available. At the time, a funeral director with a giant digital SLR wouldn't have been prudent. Then one day a family that used the funeral services of a particular employer I was working for at the time, asked me to shoot their funeral. I was both slightly apprehensive and slightly excited. With my contained excitement I proceded to document the ceremony, the burial rights, and some of the family's reception with the same care as I had in my profession as a Funeral Director, yet the same curiosity for finding careful and calculated shots of opportunity as a pro photographer. The results from melding my professions together became a melody of vision in the midst of adversity. It is both a privilege and a deep sense of accomplishment to be granted the opportunity to document both the beginning and the ending of a family's history.


  1. A very poignant story told through the eyes of the lens.

    You are a very talented man Peter!

  2. wow...gave me chills. And yes, you are a very telented man Pete.