Monday, March 16, 2009

Get on Board.

It has occurred to me that in the last few weeks of shooting for DCH Auto Group, that I will be needing to hire some individuals (photographers) to work with me. This client, while extremely lucrative, has taken up quite a bit of time. NOT that that is terrible at all, however I do need time to tend to other clients as well. What the plan is, is to leverage my time to come out to shooting maybe one day a week and have one or two other hired photographers on my staff to shoot the other two or three days. There is another DCH dealership, Audi, (very excited) and looks like Photon Concepts will handling that account as well. So really what we have is full blown double time job come the summertime. Its another breaking point for us and again we're incredibly excited. I can't wait to get a sweet RS4 or an R8 up there on the turntable.

Meanwhile we joined a little while back, which is a collection of "The World's Best Photographers" according to them... and after looking at some of the talent, apparently we are! Check it out if you get a chance, and also look for my name, Peter Duffy under Automotive, Food, or Advertising photographers.

This is the guy we have out eye on to help handle the DCH account he doesn't have much, if at all any automotive work, but some pretty great imagery nonetheless. I'm excited about teaching a new person the techniques and works that I know so far about automotive photography. He's a great friend of Tom Kranzle, who owns

I haven't had anything too new in the past few weeks, so I'm hoping to pimp out some old work to keep my blog here visually entertaining as well. Here's one from a food shoot for Tomas Cafe in downtown Oxnard, California. Seriously one of the best lunches in Ventura County. The huge portions leave you full enough to skip dinner and want to take an afternoon nap.


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