Monday, March 16, 2009

Marketing Monday.

Ahhhhhhhh! We've got blogs connected to tweets and tweets connected to iPhones and iPhones connected to your knee-bones! Holy Guacamole. Just got of the phone with a great friend of mine leaving for NYC and taking a paid internship at Newsweek. Its right up his alley cause he's a visual journalist with a fine art addiction and a major in video editing and production. When things were slow at the end of last year we'd just call and talk to each other with coffee, underwear, and craigslist.

I'm co-hosting a Mixer for the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce with Tomas Cafe and CIMA Associates, Inc., on Thursday, April 16th at Tomas Cafe in downtown Oxnard, California. The flyer had to be done on the fly and into the printer by 1pm so I did this in about an hour and a half today. Came out cool though.



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  1. Just got a tip on your photo blog from @Xposfelt on twitter - Love the site and your photography is inspiring - working on generating a lexicon of great photoblogs both pro and amateur - will be tweeting from @thewindypixel in the near future. I'm at

    Got you bookmarked and plan to come back often.