Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Photographers. (take two)

Part of posting these chats is, that you think, "Oh man, what is this going to do for my career." And my thought on that is, it will do incredible things! C'mon, not everyone is perfect or writes perfectly, or THINKS of everything in great taste... However its FUNNY at the time. I mean seriously, do you think that Dane Cook (as an artist) thinks twice about the jargon he's running on stage? Of course he doesn't, the better he makes it the more YOU laugh and the more success he has in his career. I'm sure he's a funny guy outside of his stand-up and movies, but I'm sure he's not running around chasing girls with his willy and talking about masterbation either. When you have two good friends with great chemistry and the atmosphere is full of laughs, shouldn't you SHARE that with someone? Otherwise it ends up in email box somewhere in cyberland. I say screw that. I want to show you I'm REAL. I think you can see from my work, I take it seriously and where I wouldn't post this stuff to my website, I think the BLOG is the website 2.0. made to let you understand that we as people can maybe be artists in every sense of the word.

I've changed my friend's company and name to keep it real for him. Just know he's a badass, just published a book and works for a major journalism publication.

11:36 AM Bob: "energy flows where attention goes" thats why I jerk off
me: lolol
11:37 AM no video chat with you??
11:38 AM Bob: haha, no... we just moved to a new building (its so fuckin dope by the way, posh, very posh... Greenwhich Village area) but I am closer to my boss and co workers so I can't be bustin a vid chat! haha
11:39 AM me: Ahhh
They upgrade the building
but can't pay the Bob huh?
Vanity Fare! spits
pa tooey
Bob: ? I get paid?
me: I meant keeping you
11:41 AM Bob: oh, well hopefully they will... my tombstone isn't engraved just yet there's still the fleeting chance. Plus, they set aside money for this building like 3 years ago but yeah WTF come on... hire a Bob today and you won't regret a single day... well unless you come drinkin with me!
11:42 AM me: right!
11:43 AM Just put 750 labels on postcards
Shoulda paid a monkey to do it
11:45 AM Bob: like Chabot? he climbs things and slings feces
me: I heard he got a tree in the tooth once
11:46 AM Picture this
You're over there at Vanity Fare editing away with headphones on, impervious to your boss standing behind you
Meanwhile we're having a video chat and a game of charades
11:47 AM Bob: holy shit... I just turned around to make sure
me: and I'm dancing around like a spider monkey
That would be right out of a comedy
Bob: and I am laughing and clapping
me: lolololol
Bob: hahaaa
clapping LOL!
me: Making seal noises
11:48 AM The funny thing
is I'm laughing and clapping right now
from that
Bob: hahaa
me: That's funny
Bob: right
me: ooooo
Bob: until it really happens
me: right again!
Bob: and I wouldn't put it past us
11:49 AM me: yeah me niether
"There was a time son,"
11:50 AM when you father worked for Vanity Fare in NYC
Bob: and he got fired
cuz ....
me: But your Uncle Peter Came on a video chat
Bob: hahahaa
me: "What's a video chat?"
It was before holograms son
Bob: hahaha!
me: "Oh"
11:51 AM Bob: hey, what did you type on Brando's facebook page
me: Why?
Was he pissed?
I wrote
Bob: no, he told me to check out his page.. but I couldn't right away and then when I got the chance nothin was there
11:52 AM me: That I was coming down to see him this Friday
or Saturday
and that he should just order the Coke
NOT the hookers
Because the recession was killing me
Bob: Peter.... hahahaa :(
are you still goin down
11:53 AM me: I think he's out
but I am as soon as he's back for sure
Bob: out where?
me: I wanna shoot his Audi
Bob: Catalina?
me: Oh who knows probable
They're D-Bags to him sometimes
11:54 AM We talked about it last time he was here
11:55 AM Bob: yeah, its hard when you have so many ideas and the big companies move like Gian Sloth's
11:56 AM me: Ok buddy
I'm going to shoot a new
Cadillac CTS up in Santa Barbara
Life's tough
Bob: right
me: I move like
a mongoose
No sloths here
Bob: or a bunny rabbit that just had an enima
but thats good
11:57 AM me: Gonna have a sweet portfoloi peice
Check this
Bob: hahaha
me: This guys is going to mentor me
Bob: God?
He does illustrations
for all the big car cos
11:58 AM but he's going to show me how to get some great effects from my images in Photoshop
Bob: shweet
me: Oh he's nasty
Check him out
I have to pay him
Bob: yeah, that industry is so much photoshop reliant
these days
me: but he's the shiz
Bob: cool
maybe if you sleep with him he will show you a few more tricks or two. LOL
11:59 AM LOL!!!!
me: Like trick pony
Bob: just joshin yuh
ok dude
been slackin at work to long now
gotta jetta 2. slow outta here
me: ok
Bob: adios

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