Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Photographers.

I just thought that the chats that you get into while working sometimes are hilarious. This thought came to me last night and I copied and pasted to share in the funniestness. Maybe you'll find it funny, maybe you won't. I know we're having fun. He's currently an editor at a major publication on the moon.

10:34 AM Bob: you are somethin else Duffy
me: why?
10:35 AM Bob: hahaa, just jokin
me: oh
I was like
Bob: hahaa, guilty kid
me: I nose
See the new port piece?
Bob: I sent you an email just about a minute
10:36 AM me: #1 on the website
check it.
Bob: port piece? oh ok I am checkin it now
10:37 AM Bob: yeah, very nice
me: mmmm
Bob: car looks clean
but I got an idea
me: Its brand new
Bob: that branch in the frame
me: go for it
10:38 AM Bob: it would be cool if branches were all around the car and it felt like you were catching a glimpse of rare unseen car like a forrest fairy... HAHAHAA!!! but seriously.,, hahaa you know what I am saying?
me: I do
10:39 AM Bob: like this majestic car/unicorn
me: but yeah no
Bob: hnhahaaa
me: lol
I wonder if this woman for the
3 day wedding event
has more money than brains
Bob: but for real it could be kinda cool... "Introducing the new 4 wheel drive __ the only one like it in its class
10:40 AM yeah
me: Drivin by fairies
yes I get it
Talked to Brandon for awhile yesterday
Bob: hahahaa or San Franciscans or Cyboks... wait he has a bike... fairy
me: hahahahahahha
Bob: whats Brando up to
me: She could just hire a photobooth
10:41 AM or HIRE me to be there with a custom photobooth
Bob: yeah
I mean it sounds like there is some cash there
serious cash
me: Should I call her?
or email
10:42 AMBob: eh, think it through and then if you want to do it I would call
10:43 AM cuz when there's this much money there's usually bitches and fussy people so they may ask a lot of you but if the cash is right I would think about it. Maybe get a second shooter... a decent second shooter and both of you run the show
me: I can build a photobooth
no problem
small and nice
10:44 AM covered with whatever color
she has for the wedding
whatdya think
Bob: C stands or light stands w/ curtains pop a 50mm at 2.2 and you got a photobooth... oh straight on flash
me: right
Bob: right?
me: right
Bob: right
10:45 AM me: tight!
Bob: hahaaa
10:46 AM whats Brando up to?
10:48 AM Bob: word, where are they located
me: dunno
la maybe
Bob: col
me: I love the word "dunno"
Bob: right
me: its funny and effective
Bob: I dig
so whats brandon's deal dude
me: Like, "Duh... dunno"
Bob: hahahaa
10:49 AM me: He's good
Bob: lol
me: just working
Dylan: you goin down or he comin up..., lol
me: I was going to visit hime this weekend
Bob: wait
me: but he's Chief No-Cash
Got his car towed
Bob: wha?
me: Yeha

6 minutes
10:59 AM Gonna buy a bike soon
Road bike
11:00 AM Bicycle if you will

28 minutes
11:28 AM me: Hey you there
what do you think of this?

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