Monday, July 6, 2009

Photo a Day. -July 4 & 5

Seriously I wasn't going to post on the 4th... too much work! Yesterday I forgot again but pretty much I was resting my brain... (much needed). On the 4th though I went on a hike with my lady, her friend and my dog, which to my despair I almost killed the poor thing. She has blisters on every paw and one of her pads, in the center, got a bit ripped off. She's limping around like an old lady. For a boxer/pit she sure is a big wimp. It was only 5.5 miles round trip for Christ sakes. So I thought I'd post 2 images from the hike to make up for my lack of photos on my Photo-a-day. We could call it 2 photos every 2 days...

The hike is pretty vigorous, definitely not for children or the weak at heart. It was a pretty daunting 98 degrees, up hill both ways as they say. You get down into this Canyon where during the spring there's an amazing 14 foot natural water slide into a beautiful swimming hole. This time of year though its all dried up and terrible arid. There were a few small pools where some snakes, a lonely turtle, and some polliwogs chill in the moss, but other than that its quite dry.

If you look over to the Far left, the tallest peak is "The General", and all the little ones across, are the soldiers. Or at least that's what I call it. Use your imagination.


This is an old iron gate about where you park and walk in.